DCMS – Mobile Apps Made Easy

What is DCMS and what do we do?

DCMS is short for what we do for our customers: Direct Connection and Mobile Solutions. We work to directly connect our clients to their customers through mobile apps. Our goal is to help YOU increase customer engagement, customer retention, and customer acquisition through the use of new technologies!

Many small businesses think that having a dedicated mobile app is either too much work or out of their reach, but DCMS is here to help! We love to work with small businesses to help them grow through mobile apps. We can show you what you can do with a dedicated app and help you get one up and running at an affordable cost. Our clients also gain access to a CMS where they can manage their app, or we can do it all for you!

“Fred-Allen has been amazing to work with. Anytime there is a need for tweaking of the system or something is not working quite right, he is very willing to help us find a fix or change the issue. He was super helpful in finding a different ordering system when the first one wasn’t working as well as we had hoped and helped us move everything over for us. He is always listening to suggestions and asking what he can do to help make our system work better. Our customers love that we give their feedback directly to the app designer! Keep us the great work!”


~Vickie, The Mixing Bowl Bakery


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