Grow Your Business With a Dedicated Mobile App


The mobile market is one that is steadily growing and it is one that many businesses are beginning to see the importance of. There are approximately 258 million people in the US who use mobile phones. From January to May of 2015 3 in 10 online purchases took place on a mobile device, and that number is climbing! Mobile commerce saw a 35% growth in 2015 alone! When you look at only Millennials, these numbers all go up dramatically.

In my work I find that there are many small businesses who know that mobile is growing and who know that they need to jump into the mobile market, but so many have hesitation. Some hesitate because they think it is too expensive, some because they don’t know how it will fit into their business practices, and yet others because they just don’t feel like they have the time to commit to making the changes necessary to incorporate a mobile strategy into their businesses. I have to say that I 100% understand all of these fears and hesitations. In most, if not all, small businesses financial and human resources are limited. Making these changes alone is scary, if not many times impossible.

Thankfully, in today’s market there are many solutions to help small businesses get into the mobile market with minimal cost and effort! My company, DCMS Design, is just one of those many solutions. Our approach is to become a consultative partner to help you develop and implement a mobile strategy. Aside from us, however, there are many other solutions. These solutions range from do-it-yourself app builders which can work well for some tech-savy small businesses, to entirely done for you solutions and just about everything in between.

The good news, though is that you don’t have to do it alone! You can partner with one of many firms that specialize in mobile strategies and implementations for small businesses, such as DCMS Design. The way we work is that we make it a point to learn the businesses we work with. We learn all about what they do and how they do it, then we help them develop and implement an mobile strategy. From there we build a mobile app that will be an extension of an existing brand onto the devices of their customers, then once the app is published we develop marketing materials to help get the app installed on as many devices as possible. A frequent reaction we hear is that our solution costs significantly less than they thought it would, and our implementation and development of their mobile strategy was easier than expected!

If you are on the fence about mobile, don’t be afraid to dive in! Many small businesses have and have found that the result was great! Also, don’t be afraid to get help, partner with a company like DCMS Design, a company that specializes in mobile and that truly has your best interests at heart, to make sure that you avoid common pitfalls and that your mobile implementation is the best it can be!

We offer a free consultation to help you learn what a mobile strategy for your business can be and even show you on a live demo how an app can work for you. Each demo is tailored to the business that we are meeting with so they have a clear idea, with no commitment, what a mobile app and mobile strategy could look like.

Whether you ever work with a firm like DCMS or not, though, one thing is for sure: mobile is here, it’s growing, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Small businesses looking to grow need to take time to look into and learn how mobile can benefit and grow their business.

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