Meet the Owners



Fred-Allen is the founder and one of the co-owners of DCMS Design. DCMS grew from his passion for both design and helping others with technology solutions. Fred-Allen always loved working with others to help put their best foot forward, no matter what area that may be in.

“My goal in my work is to help small businesses learn all that mobile technology can do for them. I educate on the benefits of mobile apps and how they can be a powerful tool to grow a business and engage with customers. In addition to my design work I absolutely love getting to know my clients and talk with them face-to-face! I look forward to meeting you and forming a lasting partnership to help your business shine online and on the mobile devices of your customers!”



Matthew is the other co-owner of DCMS Design. Matthew does much of the visual design for mobile applications with as well as runs much of support. Matthew began doing this work after realizing there was a strong need for something that he could help offer to small businesses.

“I love doing graphic design and helping small businesses look their best in their mobile apps. An app is an important extension of the branding of a business and I aim to always help a business shine! I have always enjoyed working with images and editing them to make them look their best, now I am happy that I am able to use those skills to help others! With each project I do I continue to expand my knowledge of graphic design and the needs of small businesses. I look forward to working with you and helping your business look its best on mobile!”