Mobile Apps and Small Businesses

Until fairly recently, all businesses, small businesses included, needed to employ a custom developer at considerable expense if they wanted to create an app for themselves. For many small businesses this cost is far too high! The good news is that, for your average small business operating on a tight budget, there are now more affordable options if you want provide your customers with a dedicated app!

You may still ask if it’s worth it. After all, you have a website and that works just fine.

When you realize that over 80% of people always have their mobile phone with them and make 33% of their online purchases on them, you begin to see how important a mobile strategy is for any business. If you look at the large millennial demographic, 69% buy products on their smartphones, many from dedicated apps.

  • Nearly half of us nowadays make trips to the mall with a mobile phone in our pocket or bag.
  • One in three of us who shop in multiple ways use a mobile phone to browse.

Read: 6 facts about Americans and their smartphones for even more stats.

If you want to attract more customers, you need more than a simple mobile-enabled website. You need a dedicated app—something that is there as soon as a consumer looks at their screen and is accessed with the touch.

Small Businesses Are Creating More Apps Than Ever

mobile app loyalty

Many businesses now see app development as a primary part of their marketing strategy. With ready-to-use frameworks available that are both feature-rich and scalable, things are looking good. App developers are responding to this by creating better provisions, like ongoing management and user metrics that inform design and further boost performance.


While cost was once a prohibitive factor in the app development, app builders address that problem. Now features, scalability and ease-of-use are the primary concerns for businesses building apps. Both things that DCMS Design can provide quickly and easily!

What types of small businesses are actually making apps?

All sorts of small businesses are making apps! Of the 40k+ Android, iOS, and HTML5 apps published between June 2014 and March 2015, 6.4% were for health and fitness businesses and 7.7% were for the food and drink industry. 5% were also published by hairdressers, 3% by spas, and 3.9% for the automotive industry. Religious organization, charities, event organizers, and legal eagles are producing their share of apps as well. Take a look at the image below to see what kinds of businesses are making apps!


Learn more about DCMS Design and how we can help your business get started with a dedicated mobile app!

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